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About Henlen

Inspired by tradition and crafted with modern technology, Henlen Watches integrates classic wristwatch designs with optimal smartwatch software. We have created an interchangeable smartwatch that allows for our smart piece to be swapped and compatible with any of our custom bodies and designs. Our vision is to re-establish the original purpose of a wristwatch, while offering the valuable core features of a smartwatch

The Origin Series

Commander Black

Strong, tough, sporty. Commander Black is ready for anything. Finally a smartwatch with a body strong enough for manual labor, sports or whatever your physical activity of choice might be. Tough and rugged but still stylish nonetheless, Black on Black body and strap combination, ready to tackle the day while still looking sharp.

Commander Silver

Very similar to Commander Black but in Silver, people have different tastes in style, but isn't that the point? To set your self apart from the crowd? Sporting a heavy build watch and a subtle tan leather strap. Its contrasting body and style combination will surely attract it's much deserved attention.

Covert Black

Inspired by classic designs, Covert Black embodies the design that has been a true classic for the past 50 years, simple yet elegant. Perfect for day to day casual encounters. With a sporty red strap, this gives the black body a little more character and a much needed flare.

Covert Gold

Perfect for any suit and tie event, Covert Gold easily matches your favorite suits, powered by a luxury gold and a vintage leather strap, this watch is perfect for any special occasion.

Meet the Cell


Imagine all the technology that goes into a smartwatch pressed into one little disk; that’s what we call the cell. It’s a 1.39" AMOLED display with a 400 by 400 resolution, protected by scratch resistant gorilla glass. A 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor, Bluetooth 4.0, 450mAh battery, photoelectric heart rate monitor, 512mb RAM, 4GB onboard storage. All measuring in at just under 9mm thin it’s a lot power for such a little guy.


Okay so we have introduced you to The Origin Series, our first series of premium designed watches and to the cell, the smart in our smartwatch. But what do we mean by interchangeable? Our signature locking mechanism allows the cell to be inserted into any of our watch designs. This lets you own an entire collection of smart watches without having to rebuy the technology each time you want a different watch. Now you can have a smartwatch for any occasion.


Compatible with IOS and Android our operating system is built on simplicity and elegance; we believe that you should never spend more than 3 seconds to access the information you need throughout your busy day. With precision in mind, all relevant information is no more than a swipe and click away, our watches ensure you spend your day in the real world, not the digital one.


Inspired by timeless designs, along with a modern touch of technology. We embody classic tradition in each of our watch bodies. Using only the finest materials to re-establish the original purpose of a wristwatch; to make a statement.